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Transsib Re team celebrate the Corporations 15th anniversary


Transsib Re team celebrate the Corporations 15th anniversary

2007 is highlighted for Transsib Re by the Corporations 15th anniversary events, which began in May  from a riverboat cruise organised for business partners and clients of Transsib Re.

On July, 6 the courtyard of the Moscow office of the Corporation hosted the European bureau team party marking the 15th year since the sponsors meeting back in 1992.

The North-Western bureau are planning a riverboat trip along the rivers and channels of Saint-Petersburg, which will bring along business partners and clients of the NWB. Far Eastern Bureau team together with their cedants will celebrate on the shores of Pacific ocean. The Central Office in Krasnoyarsk will organise a countryside party to the great Siberian river Yenisey.

International Bureau team in Prague are celebrating at working places, as the reconstruction of the villa building where the International Bureau will relocate in the near future has just begun. The villa building situated in the historical centre of Prague will be refurbished and become a comfortable place for the staff and the Corporations partners.

Irina Postnikova, CEO of Transsib Re, believes that events and celebrations do not only unite the employees, but also contribute to the development of friendly relationships with business partners and clients.

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